How to Shut Down Your Busy Brain for Mental Clarity

After a long, sometimes stressful day, shutting your brain off and winding down for the evening, can seem impossible! Work problems follow you home, you might be going home to 3 kids, dinners to cook, after school clubs to go to - we get it, it can be a lot to balance!

Feeling like you’ve never done enough, that your day could have gone better, awash with anxiety - real feelings that real women, maybe you (certainly me), have, every. single. day.

Well guess what? Feeling like that certainly is normal but it certainly isn’t good enough, It’s not fair to you, and it’s time to stop.

At the absolute very least, you owe it yourself to master the tools to shut down that overthinking, hack that over-worrying brain when you need to, so that you can be present and find the calm in your day.

Here are some ways you can press that off button, that have helped me when i need to relax and recharge.

1. Visualise

When you leave work for the day and about to head home, are you set up for success?

On your way home, imagine that you’re closing down all the tabs from your day, yes, one by one, those little X are disappearing - that meeting that didn’t go so well, or maybe the presentation that went amazing, close them all for now.

2. Write it down

If your mind is struggling to block out worries or things-to-do, take 10 minutes to brain dump. Write what’s on your mind and what you can do about it. This way you can mentally check it off, and either say to yourself “I’ve dealt with that,” or “I’m dealing with it,”. This usually helps to create a sense of relief and control.

3. Happy Place

Find your spot! In a house with two young kids, it can get pretty noisy. Whenever I need a moment alone, I escape to the outdoor office/gym and find something to occupy me for 15 minutes. You might go out to the garden, sweep the driveway, water the flowers, listen to a podcast. Anything that helps you find your sanity and disengage your mind - even for just a few minutes.

4. Exercise.

Exercise can be a great tool to shut down the mind. I started lifting weights because it’s something I love and something that really helps to relax me. Doing some squats with a great podcast or loud music on, has been my saviour in stressful times - as crazy as that sounds. It’s about finding the little things that work for you.

If we don’t figure out healthy ways to shut off our brain, we can end up in a dangerous cycle of self-sabotage. You'll be a better woman, better mother, better entrepreneur, better businesswoman, a better version of YOU - when you have those moments of stillness in your mind. So steal them - whenever and wherever you can.

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